Final Fantasy 14's Party Finder is basically a focused and more controlled Duty Finder. You get more control over how you recruit members of the party, the goal of the duty, and even loot rules. Duty Finder pairs you up with anyone, while Party Finder typically gives you more talkative and experienced players who have a certain goal in mind from farming for mounts to just completing duties for Khloe's Journal.

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Party Finder isn't just for duties either. Some people use Party Finder as a way to invite players to events or to role-play. To not ever use Party Finder is a missed opportunity, but it can be daunting to figure out. So let's get into the ins and outs of Party Finder!

How To Make A Party Finder Group

Making a group in party finder.

When making a Party Finder group, you can specify many details.

Begin making a party by clicking "Recruit Members" on the lower-left corner of the Party Finder screen. First, you can select which duty you would like to complete with the arranged party. There is a long list that ranges from Duty Roulette to Treasure Hunts and Trials. Then you can select the specific dungeon you want out of that section.



You can add what the objective is from these options:

  • Learning: This comes with the expectations of being new to the fight and practicing mechanics.
  • Clearing: With this objective, players will come in understanding the mechanics.
  • Farming: This is for grinding a fight over and over to get certain loot. Typically makes players expect knowledge of mechanics and clearing the duty as fast as possible.
  • None: For the creatives, this is for objectives that are different from the other three. You can address the objective in the comment section.

Next to objectives is a sprout button. Clicking that will give your party finder a sprout tag, which is basically showing that your duty will be first-timer and new player-friendly.


This part of Party Finder creation allows you to actually pick jobs and classes that you want in the group. If you don't care, you can make any space in the party a free space. Removing role restrictions basically turns all spots into free spaces. Selecting "Unselect Classes" will make sure that players without a job stone equipped cannot join the party.

Search Area

Search Area can decide to limit recruitment to just your World Server versus the whole data center's worth of players. It also has the option to create a Private Party. This means creating a password that players will need to punch in to join.


You can put the desired completion status and average item level desired from players that join your party. If you select "Duty Complete," then only players that have completed the duty you have selected can join. The same goes for item level, as players with too low an item level from what you select will also not be able to join.

This part is most useful for creating a farming party, as you will want people with experience and a high item level on your team.

Duty Finder Settings

Selecting "Undersized Party" will have your party go into the duty at their level without being synced to the dungeon. This can be very useful for quick runs.

Selecting "Minimum IL" is the opposite, and will make your gear sync to the minimum item level of the dungeon.


Lastly, loot will show players the rules for claiming rewards in the duty. You get to choose from the following:

  • Greed Only: Prevents players from needing on loot.
  • Lootmaster: Only you, the leader, chooses who gets loot or you can just set it so you can need but others can only greed.
  • None: Anyone can need or greed.

How To Join A Party Finder Group

Party Finder menu.

Joining a Party Finder group is less complex than making one. There are search filters you can utilize to find the party that is right for you, or you can browse. It is important to read the criteria for each party carefully because some will not be first-timer friendly.

There are three tabs at the top for parties in the Data Center, your World, and Private. Under that tab is various types of parties you can browse through.

Among them are Duty Roulette, Trials, Raids, Savage-difficulties, PVP, Quest Battles, FATES, Treasure Hunts, Hunt groups, Gathering (usually for Diadem), Deep Dungeons (Heaven on High and the Palace of the Dead), and Adventuring (content like Eureka and Delubrum Reginae). There is also an "other" section where sometimes players just want to chat or sell items.

There is a lot, but options like Gathering and Quest Battles are hardly ever used. The most popular tend to be Duty Roulette, Savage content, and Trials. If you cannot find what you want, then make a party! If you do find a party that has what you want to do and you fit their criteria, then join and don't be shy to give a hello and ask any questions you might have in the Party chat.

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